Thursday, July 10, 2008

Visualize Whirled Peas

Or at least peas that are fresh and sweet and warm right out of the garden - which is exactly how I like to eat them. As a kid I used to eat half the crop before we even got them into the house - and I was really anticipating that again this summer with my first pea crop since childhood.

Unfortunately I can only visualize and reminisce for now- as I left my pea crop on the vine a teeny tiny bit too long.

I was doing so well - I grew them in kitty litter buckets (cleaned of course) with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage, and I had them up by my picket fence where they could climb to their viny little content. They flowered and bloomed, and then suddenly were covered with many little pea pods - just full of potential. I kept them well watered and kept an eye on them as the peas filled up the pods.

On July 4th my brother in law tried one - "not quite ready" he said, although I thought they were just right.

I should have gone with my instincts and picked them then - before I got distracted by other projects and other dinner menus and other things.

Last night I went out to pick - and the pods were wrinkled and tough - the peas inside bitter and starting to shrivel. I tested each pod - trying to get enough for at least the Munchkin to try some. I got maybe 24 peas - out of maybe 40 pods...

The only Whirled Peas were the ones in the garbage disposal.

Oh well -good thing I saved out some seeds for a fall crop - and we already have this one growing in the Munchkin's garden. There's still hope yet.


Dana said...

I love seeing the progress of your garden. Even if you get wrinked and tough peas. That is the beauty of growing your own food . . . you gain a real appreciation for nature.

Barb said...

I really am enjoying your gardening posts. The only thing I grow really well is my waistline! LOL

Anjeanette said...

We had such similar childhoods. I LOVE eating peas off the vine...warm and delish! Seriously this is one of my most fond memories of childhood and food.

Sorry they didn't turn out as well as planned.