Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quilts in Progress

During FNSI and today, I worked on my version of this quilt.  The picture is the version from the quilt pattern -but other than the color brown for the sashing, nothing in mine is the same.

Mine is bigger (generous lap size)
Mine will have wide borders (again - needs to be generous lap size)
Mine is not flannel

I can't show the fabrics because I don't have any pictures and can't find it online - it was a bunch of "charm squares" that I purchased from a major chain fabric store - and I found yardage at another major chain fabric store -but neither has them online.

Think brown, tan, teal, aqua, and shades of orange.


Dirty Tales 2012 - the season begins

It is a new gardening season - after a very strange winter.  On the first of March, I was outside in shorts and able to do a lot of cleanup work.  Then we had snow on the 30th.  Then shorts weather again - then a hard freeze.  Luckily it looks like nothing major got nipped -but I don't know what the raspberries may do.  They are my only fruiting plants to worry about.

This year's plans include some veggies, some new perennials, some moving plants around, and a LOT of mulch.  We took last year off and did not mulch, and lost a bit to the post-reroof cleanup, so I just placed an order for EIGHT yards!!!

I've also set to work on reducing the size of our yard  - by adding 3 more 4x4 raised beds and the path between and around them.  The space is currently tarped in an effort to kill off some of the grass and weeds beneath before we start digging.  I've also got some "hardscaping" in mind with a trellis fence project.  Our front porch is rotted out, so redecking that is also in the plans.

It's looking to be a busy time, but enjoyable!!


Friday, April 20, 2012

So Go Sew!!!

Handmade by Heidi
Too many evenings of late when I have not made it into the sewing room. Boys are playing Wii - I am heading upstairs.