Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dilemma of the day...

Finish some things up or start something new??? Half the brain says finish and half says start... but there are too many great ideas to start that I don't know if I can choose. Maybe if I type out the list it will help?

To finish:
1.  Graduation Bargello -just needs tag and washing and to be gifted.
2.  Green and Black Breadcrumbs - 4Patches4Hope quilt needs sandwiching and quilting.
3.  Green and Black Snapshots - 4Patches4Hope quilt needs assembly.
4.  Green and Black Snapshots on point - 4P4H needs setting triangles cut and assembly.
5.  G9P (more to follow on that) - needs sandwiching and quilting.
6.  Green dot dash - 4P4H needs sandwiching and quilting
7.  Lavender kitchen sink - 4P4H needs sandwiching and quilting.
8.  Christmas gift quilt - needs sandwiching and quilting
9.  SIS 2012 - needs borders

(can you sense a pattern here?  was hoping to have my frame set up by now but the front porch needs to be replaced first - so I am on hold on a lot of things)

To start:
1.  Granny Squares
2.  Instagram
3.  Snow Flowers
4.  2 Lazy Girl Lily bags
5.  2 Lazy Girl Miranda bags
6.  Christmas gifties for office mates

ok - that didn't help.  Now I feel overwhelmed!
Heading up to piece some backings - the boys are taking over the living room floor (my sandwich space) playing Wii, but if I am ready when they are done, I may get these tackled yet.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blast from the Past 2

Here's another oldie but goodie - this one is an all scrappy quilt that I put together at retreat in 2009!!!

(it is still not done....hangs head in shame)

This was to be my FMQ sampler as I learned to use my new machine and become a better quilter...

That has yet to happen (again -head hangs).

It DID bust a lot of scraps though!  And will be a nice throw quilt once it is done...


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sewing while Sick... not highly recommended. Though it is a lot better than cutting while sick...

Yesterday my sniffly snarfly head cold got the better of me, so I stayed home from work.  I still wanted to participate in "Friday Night Sew In" but I was afraid I would not last until "night" so I opted to do some sewing during the day.

Surprisingly I was pretty productive - alhough I worked on lots of things that I can't show photos of because they are gifties or can't be revealed just yet.  Some wool felt work, piecing a top and adding borders to it (cutting and matching a tricky print was not a good idea -but I muddled thorough), and working on chain piecing another quilt I had cut out and kitted up.  I also did a wee bit of knitting on a "year long easy project" - and finished up the binding on a graduation quilt (for someone who graduated in 2011!!!)  A nap worked its way in there, too...  and 4 loads of laundry!!!

I did manage to get a pot of sauce on the stove - figured as long as I was home and could keep an eye on it, I could let it cook down and get happy all day while I rested or puttered on other things.

I had prepped all the tomatoes over the past few weeks and frozen the puree, so really it was just prepping the carrot and onion, adding in diced frozen peppers (again, frozen from the farmer's market) and dropping in the "cubes" of frozen puree.  Oh - and three cloves of fresh garlic!
Friday morning.
Friday evening.
Saturday afternoon.
Our yield was about 9 cups into containers for the freezer.  Add that to the 7 I did a few weeks ago - and we have a happy freezer!

Not bad for a sinffly snarfly day. Unfortunately though mine have improved, Munchkin now has them.  Hubby has a pot of greens and beans soup on the stove for us, and some "super duper noodly chicken soup" for the Munchkin for dinner tonight.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Friday Friday

It's that day of the week..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blast from the Past

So Kristie at CowgirlQuilter had a great idea to share some of our past works - especially ones that may have gotten buried, or folded into a closet, (or gasp still in flimsy stage???)

And since I don't have anything recent that I CAN share, here's an oldie but goodie...

This is from 2008 - made for my mother-in-law as a surprise Christmas gift -with one gingerboy (or girl) for each member of the family.  I raided her stash right under her nose for some of the fabrics, and some are hubby's old shirts.

There is a corresponding UFO to this - one for ME - but I haven't gotten past that pieced border to finish it up.  Those are 1.5"squares!!!!

So what is your blast from the past???

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Last week it was broken rotary cutters -this week it is a missing purse pattern. The ideas are buzzing around my brain - but I've not been able to fully realize them due to all these little "speedbumps". Hubby replaced my rotary cutters - and I 'think' I know another place to look to find my pattern so now that the weekend gardening and home improvement projects are winding down for the day, hopefully I can get back up to full speed in the studio.

Until then I will leave you with photos from the quilt show Shellie and I went to this weekend.  Shellie had 2 entries -and our friend Glynis had a few as well.  A few more were just inspiring.  It was a tiny show -only about 100 quilts -but it's right down the road from home and in the same location as our farmer's market, so it was a nice afternoon out (followed by car shopping - more on that to follow later this week)

Shellie and her wall hanging.
Glynis' dragonfly sashiko - love this!
Inspiration - churn dash with a ribbon weave secondary pattern.
Shellie's Monkey Wrench quilt entry.
Some pink pinwheel inspiration
Not sure what this pattern is - but it is a lovely quilt.

Dirty Tales - how the garden grows

We had a bit of a strange growing season (not over yet... but soon).  It started early with an early thaw and spring, then we got bit by a hard frost around our normal time.  This nipped a lot of the fruit trees - though my berries seemed to fare OK as they had not blossomed yet.

We then had some chilly rainy weather - and so my garden went in LATER than usual.  Some bunny traffic got us off to a bumpy start, but we were going along well.

Then it got HOT.
And then it got DRY.

And then things settled out and the plants that survived all of that have been sharing their bounty.  Here's a little photo tour. Some things just were not being photogenic - like the rhubarb, chives, basil, roma tomatoes, gourds and poblano peppers... but they've all been growing very well.
"Baby 'Killer'" the rosebush

Sunflower planted by the birds - and consumed by the birds



Yummy tomatoes

The potato that hid during harvest - we got enough for one nice meal!

The arbor pathway into the side garden.

And I can't forget my 'best' crop of all - shown here on the 1st day of 2nd grade:

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Two with One Swipe

Remember when I killed my rotary cutter? My old friend who finally gave up the ghost?

Well - I think I did it again- times TWO.

BOTH of my primary rotary cutters are not staying open - any pressure pops the blade back in.  My other small cutter needs new blades, and I can't find my cutter handle that is currently holding a pinking blade...

So much for productivity tonight.

No pictures - it's just too sad.