Thursday, July 31, 2008

A gentle push...

Sometimes we need, or get, a gentle push...

to go in a direction we would not have otherwise gone.

to try something outside our comfort zone.

to take a chance.

I've had a few pushes over the years.

Dennis R. "pushing" me towards becoming an exchange student by bringing me to an informational meeting with him.

Brother Bill "pushing" me towards trying Indian food that I said I hated by taking me to a restaurant in Hong Kong (loved it!!!)

Jen B. "pushing" me towards joining an online quilting group by giving me a personal invitation.

...there have been many more...and they have taken many shapes and forms.

One recent gentle "push" came in the form of a charm pack of fabric. Fabric I never would have selected myself - fabric I probably would not have known about as it is not carried at the shop where I purchase most of my fabric - fabric that I ended up falling in love with enough to figure out a plan and a pattern... to seek out more charm packs and yardage... and then to create this:

I think you know who you are. Thanks for the push!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

That's beautiful! Nice push!
Regina in MI

Anonymous said...

Hi Regina,

Your quilt is fantastic! I can't imagine a better use and execution with regard to scale, print, color/value and composition. It's visually interesting and balanced.

Great job!


Moneik said...

Great use of the charm pack. Your quilt is really pretty.

Anjeanette said...

Ooh this is great. Is this a disappearing 9 patch? No, I guess it isn't. But it reminds me of one. You are very talented lady.

Hazel said...

Probably not colors I would pick out either but it turned out lovely .I really like it .Guess we all need a little push once in awhile .

Barb said...

Oh, this came out wonderfully. I'm going to be teaching this class again in the fall. Congrats.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

It's gorgeous! Congrats!