Thursday, December 07, 2006

Almost craft show time...

New booth courtesy of freecycle and DH's construction abilities- check
Inventory and price tags/signage - check
Seed money for cash box - check

Projects that did not make it from the cutting table to the inventory box - check

Seems like there are always some of those- the UFO's (unfinished objects) that get a good start with the best of intentions and somehow just never get to the finish. There are 2 nights left before Saturday morning dawns early - but I am not going to fry myself trying to get them done. When I do my quality suffers -and so do my nerves - and it is not worth it.

They will be waiting when the show is over - and will make nice gifts for someone, or a start on next year's inventory.

Then it is on to finishing the Christmas UFO's - 20 - no 19 - no 18 more days!!! Wow - December is moving a little too fast for me!