Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Ribboniest Quilt

Ever have a quilt pattern you just fall in love with???  For me that was Pat Speth's Sunny Lanes.  From the first time I saw pictures of it on Jill's blog, to when she won a ribbon for it in a quilt show, I knew someday, somehow, I HAD to make this pattern.  When I visited Jill last spring, I made sure that her version, "Lovers Lane" was on MY air mattress for the weekend!  It was even better in person than in the pictures.

I made my version - "Return to Wonderland" early last year in a quilt-along with Shellie.  I was working through my stash of Moda Wonderland fabric (this was the 2nd of 3 quilts from it) and just love how it came together.  Then I sent it off to Jill to be quilted.

I loved loved loved how it turned out - and it has been at the foot of my bed - or on it- ever since.

When I joined the Caledonia Quilt Guild this spring and heard we were having a quilt show in July - I knew this quilt would be one of my entries.

The show was today.
The quilt was popular!!

The quilt was recognized with THREE Vendor's Choice ribbons, and another Runner Up ribbon in the Viewers Choice ballots (I think Runner Up to the Best of Show, but not 100% positive on the placing).

I also had another Vendor's Choice ribbon on the Munchkin's quilt, also quilted by Jill.  I also entered the crab quilt that Lazy Sister Sue and I made for Mom, that is currently in my custody (we share - Sue had it since July and I took it home when we visited in April).  No ribbons for the crabs -but lots of compliments.

These were my first ever quilt show entries -and it was such a positive response, from my friends, family, peers, and the quilt loving public.  Feels great.. but the best part was the big smile on the Munchkin's face when he saw the ribbon on HIS quilt (though he thinks we should be winning chocolate ice cream sandwiches instead of ribbons!).

A great day!  And all because of Jill and her Lover's Lane!!!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In case you are in the neighborhood

Caledonia Quilt Guild Quilt Show

Saturday, July 28th - 10 - 4 p.m.

Hamilton Park Outdoor quilt show in conjunction with the Old Glory Country Faire.

There will be fresh produce available, a Cake Walk, a pie baking contest, tons of vendors of country-fied hand made goods, and of course, the quilt show!

Pick up a ballot when you enter and vote on your favorite quilts in every category, we'll be awarding viewer's choice ribbons. You can also take a chance on the Caledonia Quilt Guild raffle quilt.

 $1.00 admission

 Hamilton Park, North Street, Caledonia, NY

(I will have at least 2 quilts in the show, plus have a booth for 4Patches4Hope)


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Earring Keeper - Tutorial

My earrings of choice are the "french hook" style and nine times out of ten they are in a little pile on my shelf, getting hooked to eachother or other things, often resulting in frustration and the wearing of the same pair day in and day out, rather than digging.

Last year (yes - I said last year), I found this frame at a yard sale for 25 cents, and decided I wanted to make an earring keeper.

Yesterday I finally got around to making it, and I decided to document the steps in case someone else wants to make one of their own.
First I removed the backing and the glass and set them aside.  If you wanted to paint your frame, this would be the time to do it. I chose to keep mine the dark wood as it will go well in my bedroom.
Next I cut fabric rectangles the same size as each of the backing boards.  You could cover with paper also, or a stronger colored fabric, but I wanted something neutral (plus it was what I had on hand).
Next I grabbed the Mod Podge and a wide brush - and something to cover my work surface.
I worked on one backing board at a time, covering it with the Mod Podge and then laying the fabric over it.
I just used my fingertips to smooth out any bubbles.
Set these aside to dry while working on the next step.
I used fiberglass window screen for this project - I have a roll of 36" wide that I picked up at Home Depot - it has all sorts of crafty uses.
Cut a piece larger than the frames, and subcut it into 3 sections.  You will need the excess to help you hold it as you glue it, but will trim it off later.
I used low-temp hot glue for holding the screen in place.  After a few burned fingertips, I found that using a wooden dowel for pushing the screen into the glue worked well.  This was messy and some oozed around to the front, and if I had it all to do over I may have found a different adhesive method - but in the end this worked.
After the glue cools, trim off the excess screen with a sharp blade, being sure no screen overlaps the slots where the backing boards slide into place.
Slide the boards back in, and you are done.  The nice thing about this frame for me is that it is freestanding, but you could easily do this with an easel style, or one that hangs on the wall.
Earring keeper in place after I cleaned my shelf.  The "olive dish" in front of it holds earrings that have a different style hook and won't work on the rack.
The whole shelf - with an old textile spool to hold my bracelets.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trusting Other People's Hands

Quite some time ago I finished this baby quilt top - and then it sat... the baby's first birthday came and went, and I still didn't finish it.

Finally, I decided to put the quilt in the capable hands of Marj - and it's now on her frame and steps closer to being finished.

So exciting.   I love that she's blogging the process, so that even from 800+ miles away I can see the quilting unfold.