Friday, July 11, 2008

"It Takes Two" - Take II

Fully recovered from the quilting meltdown of last month - the wedding quilt top is now fully pieced and bordered and waiting for assembly. Zoe and I have decided to machine quilt this one instead of tying it, since I have a bit of time before it has to be delivered.

The wedding is tomorrow - so we decided to gift it after the couple return from their honeymoon - but then Hubby will be on vacation and not at the office so in reality I probably have until the first week in August to get this all finished up.

This and the two matching pillowcases to go with it.

Once again though I was frustrated by the color differentials caused by the overhead lights in my local JoAnn's. Two blue fabrics that looked great together at the store ended up not so great in reality - one being a more purple tone and the other a more grey tone. The "purply" one is the inner border -and while I am not totally crazy about it Hubby and I decided to leave it in. It's not "bad"... it just does not flow into the other colors as well as I thought it would when I picked it out.

I do like this pattern though - there are two blocks to make and the layout is fairly simple, points matching works pretty easily, and it is a great stash buster, especially for odds and ends of 2 1/2 inch blocks. There are a few in here that did not have enough squares to even make a 9 patch, so I scattered them into the four patches. I have plans (and fabric) to make a second one of these - using the same scrappy tans and browns but burgundy for the big blocks, and adding in some greens and florals to make it a bit more feminine. That one is for a Christmas quilt, and won't be started for a little while.

Plus I still need to figure out using up the "oops" blocks from the first go round on this. I think I have a plan - just need to clear up the living room floor again and lay some things out.


Jen said...

It looks fabulous!!! You did an awesome Job. Give Zoe a drop of oil from me. =)

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. I'm sure the happy couple will love it.

Dana said...

Oh man that is beautiful!! Can I have it?? No??? Hmpf!

Get ready to fire up the video camera! Won't that be fun??

Connie said...

It turned out great!!! They are going to be so thrilled with it--what a great gift!

Cindy, the Original Wheelgirl said...

Hey Regina, great quilt. Oh how I love scrappy quilts, but I am so afraid to try one because I can't do See you on the lists!

Fabricmom said...

The blue really pops out at ya. Great finish.