Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Scrappy....

I am making progress on "Confetti" - and as much as I like to rename my quilts, so far the name of the pattern seems to be the most apt name for this project.

This was a picture of a few blocks laid out on Shellie's living room floor - she has lots more room than I do. I had not yet finished all of the components but wanted to show her what it would look like.

Since then I have those empty gaps filled and have started assembling the rows and a few of the setting triangles. It's a big quilt - and I have a long way to go.

This top will form the top side of a duvet cover -more details on that to follow as the project progresses.

Lots and lots and lots of 2" scraps! All tied together with 2" wide rectangles -and then set with lots and lots and lots of triangles.

There are pieces of so many things in there - hubby's favorite shirt, bits of our wedding quilt and the Munchkin's baby quilt, leftovers from totes, quilts, lunch bags, curtains and every other project you can imagine, scraps gifted to me from others - I am sure with stories to tell of their own. There are even some Wonderland scraps in there! :-) It will be fun "remembering."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Return to Wonderland

I have been completing lots of flimsies this year -some I can share and some I can't ('cause they are surprises for other people) - but since Return to Wonderland is one for me, I will share it.

This is a quilt along I did with Shellie using Pat Speth's Sunny Lanes pattern and more of the Moda Wonderland - or what I had not already used in Jill's quilt Sibling Revelry. Shellie did hers in more vintage fabrics, while I went bright and bold. I love them both!

The backing on this will be a fun pink on pink that I found at an awesome "yard sale" - pun intended!!! Shellie and I had great fun - making multiple trips from that sale to the ATM and back to the sale!!!

So once the summer heat subsides a bit, and I can reclaim a bit of the living room floor for doing some sandwiching, I hope to turn some of these flimsies into finished projects!

PS - these were some of the fabrics from the big sale. Most of these got shipped off to Jill, but the two on the far left I kept. The pink -and some awesome soft green - were purchased on a return trip and I have not taken photos of those yet. The gold will be the back of Just Me and My SIS.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Current obsession

This started as an "I don't want to work on any of my projects that require real thought so I will try this project that I saw in Quiltmaker magazine" night.

I tried it - I liked it - and immediately all thoughts of finishing up some other WISPS got pushed aside as I started cutting and sewing and pressing and cutting again to prepare for 120 of these blocks - half light and half dark. Each block is only 5" finished, so even this quantity will only make a moderately sized throw.

I found fun stuff in my scrap bag that worked together color wise - greens and rusts and browns and golds - even some leftovers from my son's baby quilt and the "Just Me and My SIS" quilt I just "finished."

Well - finished as far as any of my projects recently. I have 3 recent finishes that have all gotten to the flimsie stage and gone no further (this one and 2 others - pics of those to follow in a future post).

Something about wrestling with batting and backing and a top in 90 degree heat and humidity with no a/c has been somewhat of a deterrent. So I cut and piece on other projects and create more flimsies. There will be time enough for the next step when the coolness comes - which in western NY could be next week for all we know!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner... finally

So sorry about the delay on drawing for my 500th post giveaway - trying to wrangle the Munchkin to pull the name was not as easy as I thought it would be. And getting him to write out the name of the winner and pose for a picture proved to be impossible

"I don't feel like writing this morning, Mommy" - and that was that.

Since I did not want to delay this any longer... the name pulled from the bowl was....


Or as she is known around our house - "Aunt Terri"

The drawing was random but this is actually very fitting since she accompanies Mom to most of her appointments, is a font of information on what is happening through this whole experience, and it is wonderful for all us siblings knowing she is there when we cannot be.

The cookbook and a few other goodies will be on their way soon - probably closer to Dad's birthday so I can combine some shipping :-) And then you can make him the Peanut Butter Pie! :-)

(Oh and ironically - you know how some people will say that the first commenter never wins? Terri was the first commenter!!!)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

500th Post Giveaway - update

Via my siblings: Mom had a good check-up at the Dr. today. Her lungs sound good and the cellulitis is at bay. She sees her Oncologist Thursday and will probably start the next round of chemo then. She also came into work for a couple of hours.
Given that information - I think midnight Thursday, July 8th (Eastern Daylight Time) will be the cutoff for entries in my 500th Post giveaway. Prizes to include the cookbook as well as some craftiness (although shipment may be delayed as it is currently 98 degrees in my attic craft room and sewing is NOT happening until the weather breaks).

I will have the Munchkin draw a name on Saturday, July 10th.

The journey of a thousand posts...

..begins with the first one.

My buddy Jill started blogging just 3 short years ago, and today posted her 1000th post! Way to Go, Jill! Lots of great posts on her quilts and other projects, her shopping trips, her pups, and other fun stuff!!!

She's doing a fun giveaway to celebrate - so pop on over and check it out (and tell her her BFF Regina sent you!)

Congrats, Jill!

My giveaway for 500 will be drawn soon - I promise - stay tuned (still time to enter)!