Monday, July 07, 2008

Turtle of the Day - Turtle Pile

What is it about turtles being stacked up? I guess I have not studied enough about how turtles actually live to know if they really do this in the natural world -but so many artists seem to stack them. Dr. Seuss (Yertle), the Chinese (although I am not sure if this is really authentic or just something that looks like something the Chinese might do) - no others come immediately to mind bit I am sure there are more.

I have two turtle stacks in my collection - one very much like the Chinese one linked above that I bought off eBay because the price was low and I was in a buying mood at the time, and the other in my garden

(sorry about the photo quality - the garden ones like to hide and the stacked ones are very dusty and up in the dark attic)

You wonder what the one on the bottom is thinking? For that matter -you wonder how the one on top got up there. Turtles don't strike me as the most agile of creatures and their feet don't really look like they are made for climbing.

Hmmm - things to ponder on a Monday morning. I think I will need more coffee for this one.

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Three Birds Inspired said...

I have seen turtles in the wild stacked one on top of the other. I think, perhaps, they were up to something best not described...