Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birth Month III - and a giveaway!

February is upon us yet again, and in our house that means "Birth Month!!"

This year we are changing things up a bit. In the past 2 versions of Birth Month, Mommy figured out all the pocket gifts - and other than Mommy and Daddy's birthday's and Valentine's Day, the bulk of the pocket presents went to the Munchkin.

This year Hubby did some calculating and divided up the days so that each of us has 8 days (excluding the birthdays and V-Day) when it will be our turn to receive a pocket present. The other two are then responsible for filling the pocket. The Munchkin and I have already collaborated and come up with a list of 8 things to fill up Hubby's pockets... and I already had more than 8 things on deck for the Munchkin (some with the help of Jill -thanks!) - so a few will get re-tasked as birthday gifts.

So where does the giveaway come in? Well, I thought it would be fun to share the Birth Month excitement with everyone else - so here's how to enter to win your own "pocket present" (photos of the actual prize to be posted later).

1. Post a comment here for one entry.

2. Follow the blog for another entry (all current followers will automatically receive this extra entry)

3. Post about it on your own blog and send me a copy of the link (either in another comment or via email) for a third entry.

Entries will be collected until midnight, EST on February 11th, and the winner will be drawn on Abraham Lincoln's birthday (February 12th for those who don't remember their history lessons).

Happy Birth Month -and good luck to all!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Camping Capers

The borders have been added and the top is now ready to be sandwiched -then washed to get all scruffily. The border did not wrap quite like I had hoped, and two parts got reversed, but I am going to leave it as is because I don't have any more of the fabric to play with. The inner narrow border is stash - and everything else is layer cake and FQ bits, so no yardage was purchased for this at all. I just don't have suitable backing for it in my stash - so I will have to go out and get that.

This makes TWO finishes in January (tops finished -not finished quilts)... YAY!!! If I keep up at this pace I will have a lot of quilts for the year!!! :-)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Paying It Forward -slowly

It's been a long time coming - but a few little packages will go out in tomorrow's mail.
When you get yours - it is time to Pay it Forward!
Do you remember who you are???


Trolling for Votes

I entered a quilt in an online "contest" - this is one of those "the one with the most votes wins" type of things, so if you are so inclined, please take a peek and vote!

The quilt I entered was the wedding quilt I made for Toshi and Miyuki as a wedding gift and is called "Omedetai."

Vote Here

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Camping Capers

Making progress! 36 blocks are ready with the squares stitched down - using a tight little zig zag. These edges will fray as the quilt is washed and make it "scruffily."

After all 36 were done - I had a bit of time before bedtime to get them all laid out on the living room floor. I've now got the rows pinned together awaiting assembly - this is a quick and easy quilt that would be a fun way to show off fussy cut 2 1/2 inch novelties -much like I did in the block above.

This will finish at about 54" square, unless I decide to add some borders - which I am undecided on at this point. Probably not.

I also got an AWESOME package in the mail from Jill yesterday - more fabric, some books for the Munchkin, some "gadgets", an awesome case for carrying around WISP's, AND this book:

Dangerous reading, I tell ya! Downright dangerous! Thanks Jill!!! (sorry - no photos of all the gifties together - had to hide things from the Munchkin quickly and things got all separated, and then I got sewing, and ... well, you know how it is.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Working on one of these...
Out of one of these...
...and it's a Christmas present - for Christmas 2010!!!!!!!!

Pictures in the camera - to follow later (but only the recipient will have to wait until Christmas to see it!)

PS - OK, so posting late at night I was less then eloquent. Now it is early the next morning, and I don't know if I am any more eloquent, but at least I can add a photo.

I don't have a design wall - I am slightly hampered by the slanted ceiling/wall in my attic studio - so I usually "design" on the living room floor. None of these are stitched together - last night I just did some cutting and used safety pins to pin each block together. I need 4 more big blocks, and wanted to see what colors were lacking to balance this out. I am going to add in some more of the darker brown and blues, as well as switch some of the 5" squares out for some darker ones for a bit more contrast, and then I will move the blocks around to their final positions.

The pattern on this called for a layer cake, a charm pack and a jelly roll. I had the layer cake and about 90% of a fat quarter bundle, so I am cutting my "charms" and "roll" pieces out of those, including fussy cutting some of the little 2 1/2" squares from some of the fabrics to create little camping scenes in the center of a few blocks.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sibling Revelry

revelry [ˈrɛvəlrɪ]
n pl -ries
noisy or unrestrained merrymaking

"Sibling Revelry"
cutting loose with the family...

the name of this quilt, formerly the "quilt with no name":

It's great to finally have a "baby sister" after all these years of being the youngest! Love ya, Jill!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blue Blocks

It's finished! Or should I say the TOP is finished! This one is being sent off to Jill for finishing, then back here for the final binding.

Except for about 2 yards of white - this quilt was entirely from stash - FQ's, fabric bought for a reason and never used, leftover bits from other projects, and a few "hand me down" pieces. It's got some turtles for Mommy, some crabs for Gramma, and lots of "little boy blue."

So just for a last comparison - this was the original pattern and layout as published by the designer - using marbled fabrics with no strong prints. I think she said there were 12 different fabrics used in this. I lost count of how many I used - but I had fun!!! And the best part is that my son already loves it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Rainbow in Winter

On a dark dreary day in January - what's better to beat back the gloomies than a ray of sunshine from my best buddy Jill. While cleaning up her stash room these past few weeks, she set aside a few little goodies that she thought I would enjoy - and courtesy of the USPS they showed up at my house yesterday.
I thought I showed great restraint by not tearing open the box in the van on the way home - I actually took care of some other things first after we got in the door - and also waited until I could get Hubby to snap a few shots of me diving in.

As you can see from the "diving" photo - the first thing my hand went to was this great rainbow stripe! How cheerful is that! It's a nice homespun texture and brilliant colors.

The little pile on the right is some flannels - small pieces that Jill knows I like to incorporate as "batting" or a bit extra in some of my little crafty projects - plus a great purple!!!

And check out this "rainbow" of solids - they are all nice wovens with rich color -will work great as "blenders" with some of my busier scraps - giving the eye a place to rest. Lots of blues in many different hues - which will work great with a few projects I am contemplating.

And then there were these - what a great breath of spring!!! Especially since I have been working with such bright, intense colors in the BOM project - it is wonderful to think about these fabrics and what they can become.

Thanks for my Rainbow, Jill! I love it all!!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Down and Dirty Dozen

I finished up the last three blocks on the block of the month project this week - two at the start of the week, and the last one this afternoon (they are the last three on the bottom row). I also managed to finish up the sashing and cut most of the blocks for the borders.

Tomorrow (or later tonight) I hope to get a bit of sashing assembled to the blocks, and to the initial layout. I don't think I am going to lay this one out in the order the designer intended - but then again I used a mishmash of fabrics where her fabrics were more controlled and she did the brainwork of keeping things from bunching up.

I like these blocks - especially #4 and #11 - I may use those again in another project. For now I just need to get this one together and see how wild it really is. I think the preponderance of white and the use of only ONE fabric in the sashing rectangles will settle things down a bit.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

And then there were 9

The block of the month quilt I am making for the Munchkin is progressing quite slowly... although I have yet to hit the one-year mark in the project. I started off with a 6 block spurt, and then kind of got sidetracked with some other projects. (what - don't tell me you've never gotten sidetracked???!!! LOL!)

My hope is to finish up the blocks in the next week or so - and then tackle the pieced sashing. I don't think that will take very long once I get going, but we shall see. Ideally this quilt would be pieced and sent off for quilting and be back by the Munchkin's birthday in February - but I am not going to make myself (or Jill) crazy if that does not happen, either.

It's been one of those things that I need to have the mental energy to work on because of the fabric choices, varied instructions for each block, and cutting requirements.

Today all those things came together - however briefly - and I was able to get block 9 cut and assembled. I love this crabby fabric - it is leftovers from some fabric that Lazy Sister Sue and I used for a project for Mom - in a different colorway. I think I have used the blue colorway in 2 other blocks in this quilt, but this is the first block that uses the green crabbies.

The yellow is fun, too - it was the backing from a charity quilt I did last March - Scotch Squares. I don't have a good photo of this one with the backing - but it is a tone on tone pale yellow spotted fabric and really worked nice with the oranges and teals of the Hello Betty fabric line.

I really have not told the Munchkin much about the quilt - but today he saw the block as I brought it downstairs for pictures.

"Is this a new placemat?" he asked. Funny kid - this is the same kid who this morning called breakfast "four patch waffles."

Truly a quilt-worthy kid!