Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is not the UFO you are looking for

I had another UFO in the works this Christmas that was delivered today - it is not one of the one I have been dropping hints on, but was a third one that was not done in time for Christmas Day gifting.  This was a locally delivered quilt to Hubby's sister and family, and I wanted to get this one done and delivered before finishing up the other 2 (sorry Jill and Sue - you still gotta wait!)

I could not post pictures of this before delivery - so here it is - "Thoroughly Modern Mickey" - made from Oz by Sanae for Moda, and using this pattern from Clover and Violet.  I added in a few fabrics from a different Sanae line to stretch this out and get the size I wanted - same colors, but different motifs - and you can hardly tell the difference.

The weather was cooperative enough for some "glamour shots" on the bench in the yard.

If you look really closely  - you can see where the name of the quilt comes from.  Another of my fledgling attempts at FMQ - this one was fun and I was really happy with how it turned out.

Another fun part of this quilt was using the thread I had won in the Aurifil thread naming contest in April.  I used it in the top and the variegation in the thread color worked nicely with all the colors going on with this fabric line.  On the back I used grey thread and the backing is also a grey houndstooth, so it blended in nicely.

Now on to the other UFO's.

Unwrapping the UFO - Part 4

Inspiration for both quilts came from Moda Bake Shop some time between the months of April and September.

(oh did I not mention before now that these are both quilts?  Yes - these are quilts...)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Quilting Table

When I was posting about my studio revamp in the spring, I mentioned about my new sewing table, and how I was going to have hubby cut the table to drop my sewing machine in.

After some consideration, and some online browsing, we decided instead to bring the surface of the table UP - leaving us an intact table should we change direction in the future.

It's been a while since I have been able to get the table fully cleared off - as it was also Christmas wrapping central - but this weekend I was able to take this table to it's next step.

Table cover made of sandwiched together insulating foam boards from Home Depot, with a spot cut out for my machine.  This was a very messy cutting process - if you do this, try to do it outside!
Cleared off table top - wow, have not seen it that clean in a long time.
Table with wedge in place, wrapped with a vinyl tablecloth.  We do have heavy duty vinyl to put on this eventually, but I wanted the white under-surface rather than the pink, and this can actually be worked on.  It won't hold up long though - especially in the corners.  I used packing tape and actually taped this to the underside of the table.

Due to the foam thickness, we had to make a small platform for the machine to bring it up to level, but now my work space extends pretty smoothly from the machine bed right to the foam platform- and the projects slide nicely on the vinyl.
We left this spot open to get at the cords and also keep that little vent on the machine open - though I don't know what it is for.  It also works as a nice spot to put a small pin dish or the seam ripper (not that I EVER need that?!?!?)  you can see how the tablecloth wrapped right down to the bottom of this opening.

The view from above.
I have worked on one quilt on here already - and it is SO MUCH EASIER to not be fighting the weight of the quilt pulling it out from under the needle, especially since my machine's default is needle-up.  I even did some FMQ in the center of that quilt, and it was SO SO SO SO nice to have better control and handling!

I only wish I had done this sooner!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Unwrapping the UFO - Part 3

These 2 UFO's are SISters - but NOT twins.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

QDD strikes again... or was it the 6 year old???

I am so bad...  here I am trying to finish up 2 UFO's for Christmas gifts (2011 Christmas gifts) and what did I do this afternoon? I cut the pieces for a quilt for a 2012 Christmas gift!!!  I WAS working on the UFO's but then I got to a stopping point where I needed to move from working in my studio to spreading out on the living room floor (yes -THAT stage of assembly) - but the 6 year old was deeply engrossed in a program on the laptop in the studio and I couldn't budge him.  I wanted to get him AND the laptop safely moved back to the 1st floor before I started to spread things out - so in the interim I started cutting.

7 "packages" of 5" precuts (30 per package) were just enough to cut out this pattern I found on the website (enlarged a bit to throw size).  I had gotten the precuts in a clearance sale with this 2012 quilt in mind - but had no pattern chosen at the time.  I am not working in flannel - and still need to pick a fabric for the sashing and borders, but I have some time for that.  Maybe I can manage to get this quilt done early in the year and set aside and not be post-Christmas gifting like I am this year.

And just so the 2 UFO recipients don't get all panicky - I DID finally move the child and the computer - and worked on the next stages of one of the projects (but whose????  I will never tell!)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unwrapping the UFO - Part 2

In April, we swapped strips to make this - did you both REALLY think I could resist doing something with the leftovers???

And for those who suggested in their comments that I tease you with scraps....  I even had to supplement a bit from my stash to finish these, though it was in keeping with our original guidelines.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Unwrapping the UFO - part 1

Merry Christmas morning!!! (no I am not on the computer - I prepped this one ahead of time!)  Hope everyone is having a wonderful time!

For those of you following along on my UFO dilemma - I'm ready to reveal the first clue in the "Unwrapping the UFO" saga - which will continue on and off until the UFO is gifted, some posts with pictures, some just with verbal teases.

So here's the first clue...

There isn't one UFO... there's 2...

There isn't one recipient... there's 2... (hmmm... can you guess who?)

And BOTH of you will have to wait for the others UFO to be finished before you will get yours.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Turtle of the Day: the globetrotter

(it's been a turtleless blog for a while -sorry about that)

My boss knows my love for turtles - so this little guy found it's way into my "Christmas stocking" gifty from the boss.  I work with people who travel a lot- and he found this on one of his business trips.

It has great "nestleability" in the palm of my hand -and may never see keys!

(picture from the mfg. website - my desk top surface is not THAT dirty!)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Decision made... UFO wrapped

Thanks to everyone for their help in solving my UFO dilemma.  It seems that there was not a lot of support for making the recipient finish it herself OR wait until next year... so that brought it down between telling her what she is getting - and not telling.

I opted for the not telling - and will keep everyone in on the fun as I reveal it to her bit by bit during the finishing process.  On Christmas Day I will post the little "IOU" I wrapped up for her - and then as I share clues, they will be posted here for all to enjoy.

Oh -and Abi is the randomly selected winner of the "thanks for helping me out" prize - I will be in touch with her via email to show her just what the gifty is supposed to be, and to get her mailing info for sending something along.

Thanks again everyone!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How do you wrap a UFO???

I have a dilemma - and I need help.

I have a UFO that needs to be gifted for Christmas - only problem is that it will NOT be done in time to gift completed.

So - what should I do?

1.  Send it to the recipient unfinished, and let her finish it? (yes - it is of the fabric/sewing variety - and this recipient is skilled enough to finish this project - no problem)

2.  Send the recipient a photo of it as it is now so she will have something to unwrap -then send finished gift when it is done?

3.  Send the recipient an IOU to unwrap but still don't show her what it is?

4.  Send the recipient something entirely different and save this for next year?

Cast your votes in the comments - a random commenter will be chosen to receive not only a sneak preview of the gift in question, but also a little prize of the pattern/FQ variety (yes- you assemble yourself!)*

* if the commenter chosen is the person who is supposed to be receiving this gift, I may or may not send the preview -depending on what the majority has voted on.

Polls close Friday, December 16 - since if I do ship out a wrapped photo I'd best get it in the mail by next Saturday!

So what would YOU do????

(PS - if you want to win the little voter prize -you need to leave me a way to get in touch with you.  No comment bloggers - I have no way to contact you! Sorry!)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Things that make you go WOW!!!

I do not own a quilting frame, and my attempts at FMQ have been fledgling and very small scale - so finishing my quilts over the years has consisted of a great deal of straight line quilting and tying.

Thank goodness for Jill - being able to send some of my tops to her for finishing on her frame has been a wonderful option.  I first sent her Summer Sunshine two years ago - and still  need to take some "finished" photos of this quilt, though it has been on my bed for ages now.  She also did this quilt and this one, too.  But I have been very very bad at taking the BEFORE and AFTER pictures to show what a good quilting job can do to make a quilt go WOW!!!! (and so many quilts get gifted before I get the AFTER pictures - something about finishing binding on the way to a party may have something to do with that!)

Until this one: 
Nearly finished - just auditioning borders.
Completed flimsy.  I liked it - but all that muslin kind of left me "flat".

After Jill got her hands on it - it hasn't been washed, but now there is some movement in all that open space.
Love this square spiral - the quilt is for a young man, and this really gives it a great masculine feel.
Look at how the back just sparkles!!!
And doesn't every quilt need to come with a 6 year old with attitude (I think it's the hooded sweatshirt that does it!)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I've been neglectful of this blog as I've been busy with various projects and with 4Patches4Hope. 
I do have some completions to post - but will save those for another day.

Today I am thankful for everyone who still takes time to read my ramblings (and especially for those who comment!), for my family for their support of all my zany ideas and projects, and for all my friends!

Thanksgiving blessings to all!!!


Monday, November 14, 2011

In my mailbox today:

In addition to lots of squishy goodness for 4Patches4Hope (more on that in another post) - I got this today - courtesy of Whistlepig Creek Productions - which also happens to have one of my favorite blocks in here.  (to clarify - I got ONE copy - not all 4)

I have all 4 issues - bought ONE, won TWO, bought THREE and now won FOUR.  According to my son, I will have to buy FIVE and if they have a SIX, I will win that - since I am winning on the evens.

Goofy kid - I'd like to prove his logic wrong when FIVE comes out.  Until then - I will drool and dream and plot and scheme some new quilts!