Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday - Rockets and Seagulls

Way way way back in 1969 - when I was just a wee little tot of 2 -my mother, Brother Rick (5 at the time) and I accompanied a family friend from NY to Florida by car.

According to my mother - I was awake the ENTIRE trip - which should be amazing to my Hubby, since I am known to sleep very soundly in the car on long trips now. Heck, I've been known to doze from home to work in the morning (15 miles), which is why I REALLY love car pooling!!

I have pretty much no memory of this trip - just the stories that have lingered on and on and on in the family lore. Or maybe one story in particular.

Me on the beach with food calling out to the seagulls "here biwdy biwdy biwdy" and then dropping the food as they came to get it.

I can still hear my mother saying "here biwdy biwdy biwdy" - most recently probably a year ago.

I only remembered vaguely that we saw a rocket launch - and when I scanned the slides a few years back and found the launch photos I thought - wow, that's cool. (Trust me -that is a launch you are seeing in the teeny teeny tiny speck of orange in the middle of this photo - to the right and below the black dust speck. What can I say -they were old slides)

I did not think much of it until the last couple of weeks as Hubby and I enjoyed the Discovery Channel documentary "When We Left Earth." If you haven't had a chance to see it - and are at all a space exploration junky -I HIGHLY recommend it.

Prompted by that, I decided to look up what launch I actually experienced. It was Apollo 9.

I wanted to be an astronaut once - but life took me in a completely different direction. Now I don't know if I would, although it is amazing to watch.

I cannot wait to see what possibilities are available to the Munchkin as our space program evolves from the Shuttle to the next phase. Look where we've gone just in MY lifetime!!!


Michelle said...

What a little cutie!I bet your mom had to overcome those urges to hug you all the time. I love the pictures!

Barb said...

You must have been closed to where I live now cause that's pretty close to what I see when the shuttle goes up now. Cool.