Friday, July 18, 2008

Anti-Procrastination Night

Last night was a "work on projects I have been putting off" night. I think I was inspired by my Sassy success of yesterday, so I just kept on going.

One project was a trial run at a Japanese Knot Bag. I was not entirely happy with how it turned out - but there are a few other versions of this pattern out there. I am going to poke around until I find one that works how I think it should - either that or create my own. Stay tuned.

The other project was a revisit of my Disappearing 9 Patch. FabricMom gave me a little "kick in the pants" to get this one back out again.

I was kind of dreading pulling this one out. I thought I needed 4 more 9 patches, and since it had been a while since I had done these, I was not looking forward to figuring out which fabrics to put where to avoid duplications.

Easing myself back into this, I took my big 9 patches and cut them into the smaller blocks. I decided to spread them out on the living room floor - just to see what it was going to look like - and lo and behold I think I have enough as it is without making any more. With the addition of borders this will be a nice size lap quilt. I think instead of adding more blocks I am going to cut up the remaining Charm Pack squares to make a middle border just for some more interest, and a bit more size. I just need to count to be sure I have enough to go all the way around - but I think I do.

So I was procrastinating for nothing...
Still cannot figure out why I procrastinated on Sassy so long...
Go figure.

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Fabricmom said...

Your welcome for the little kick in the butt. LOL. It looks like you have plenty of blocks to me. Can't wait to see it finished.