Saturday, November 26, 2011

Things that make you go WOW!!!

I do not own a quilting frame, and my attempts at FMQ have been fledgling and very small scale - so finishing my quilts over the years has consisted of a great deal of straight line quilting and tying.

Thank goodness for Jill - being able to send some of my tops to her for finishing on her frame has been a wonderful option.  I first sent her Summer Sunshine two years ago - and still  need to take some "finished" photos of this quilt, though it has been on my bed for ages now.  She also did this quilt and this one, too.  But I have been very very bad at taking the BEFORE and AFTER pictures to show what a good quilting job can do to make a quilt go WOW!!!! (and so many quilts get gifted before I get the AFTER pictures - something about finishing binding on the way to a party may have something to do with that!)

Until this one: 
Nearly finished - just auditioning borders.
Completed flimsy.  I liked it - but all that muslin kind of left me "flat".

After Jill got her hands on it - it hasn't been washed, but now there is some movement in all that open space.
Love this square spiral - the quilt is for a young man, and this really gives it a great masculine feel.
Look at how the back just sparkles!!!
And doesn't every quilt need to come with a 6 year old with attitude (I think it's the hooded sweatshirt that does it!)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I've been neglectful of this blog as I've been busy with various projects and with 4Patches4Hope. 
I do have some completions to post - but will save those for another day.

Today I am thankful for everyone who still takes time to read my ramblings (and especially for those who comment!), for my family for their support of all my zany ideas and projects, and for all my friends!

Thanksgiving blessings to all!!!


Monday, November 14, 2011

In my mailbox today:

In addition to lots of squishy goodness for 4Patches4Hope (more on that in another post) - I got this today - courtesy of Whistlepig Creek Productions - which also happens to have one of my favorite blocks in here.  (to clarify - I got ONE copy - not all 4)

I have all 4 issues - bought ONE, won TWO, bought THREE and now won FOUR.  According to my son, I will have to buy FIVE and if they have a SIX, I will win that - since I am winning on the evens.

Goofy kid - I'd like to prove his logic wrong when FIVE comes out.  Until then - I will drool and dream and plot and scheme some new quilts!