Sunday, July 13, 2008

Got Your Sunglasses On???

I finally got the borders put on my Summer Sunshine quilt -it's only been 3 months (and 2 quilts and a garden in between) since I last worked on it. The colors actually look subdued in this photo - but believe me - they are BRIGHT!!!

The piano key border was an adventure. Even with a rotary cut edge and a 1/4" foot, the strips wanted to get wonky. Fortunately the busyness of ALL those different fabrics (the 50 fabrics in the blocks plus some of the yellows from the star points plus some of the fabrics that are in Lazy Sister Sue's quilt blocks but not in mine) helps detract from the wonky-ness, and it all turned out really nice. I have a blue dragonfly fabric for the background and will bind the quilt either in the same yellow as the inner border, or in the dragonfly blue if I have enough.

Hoping for low wind tomorrow so I can hang "It Takes Two" and "Summer Sunshine" on the clothesline to get them spray basted.


Michelle said...

Looks GRRRRRRRRRREAT! I love all those colors!

Gina said...

Lovely quilt. That's nearly as bright as the colours I work with.

Love and hugs gina xxx

Hazel said...

How do you spray baste on a cloths line .I use it all the time but I tape the backing to the floor then layer the rest .Please share your secret

Three Birds Inspired said...

Great quilt - very fresh and happy looking. Yes, please...more info on spray basting on the clothesline!

Barb said...

Regina, This quilt is GREAT! Love the bright colors.

Anonymous said...

Now I need to get MY Sister's Choice quilt bordered! I love how yours looks, my border choices are much different. Will send a picture when I get it done.

Too many projects, too little time!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

It sure doesn't look wonky from here. It does look very happy. I love a happy quilt!
Regina in MI

Amelia said...

With all those colors it just shouts "SUMMER" did a great job -

Have a great week!


Fabricmom said...

Oh this is wonderfully beautiful. I love bright quilts. They bring out the kid in me.