Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quilters math

I've been facebooking so much- my thoughts here are short and disjointed...

 Quilters Math: 6x7 does NOT equal 35 (or 36) - that's what I get for making it up as I go along and not writing down my plan.

Rearranging the studio - AGAIN. Jill is coming to visit -and the room has changed TWICE since she was here a year ago.

The garden is calling - yesterday was a full purge of the garage- we emptied EVERYTHING out and put some of it back in.  Today I cannot move...

Hubby just put fresh waffles on the table - so that is where I am headed.

Have a wonderful sunny Sunday!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

I caved....

...nuff said


Spring Cleaning

It doesn't happen often - this urge to clean, purge, and organize. It is even less likely for Hubby and I to both have this urge at the same time. Today the planets are in alignment... so I will keep on going as long as we can. Emptied 6 plastic storage totes already - filled boxes for goodwill, craigslist and a couple of FB swap pages I am on. Just broke for lunch and a shower and am heading up to the studio... wonder if I will get distracted by the machine and/or the project on the design wall?? (probably ) What are YOU doing today?

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Post Vacation Pondering

I just got back from a 10 day spring break - visiting family and recharging the batteries.   As usual - the recharge included lots of time to think, and lots of new ideas to try.  Just before we left, I was finishing up projects to take with us - including 5 4Patches4Hope quilts, so now I am kind of "in between projects" (not counting a few UFO's... ok - more than a few UFO's) - and trying to decide what to do next.

I will be moving some furniture around in my studio over the coming weeks, cleaning up, purging some things, removing a couple pieces of furniture - and making room for a quilting frame to move in.  It is going to be tight - but 90% of the time I am the only one up there, so I should not have a problem.  Hubby is buying me a flat screen TV and we are getting a ROKU streaming box, so that will take up less room than the monster TV and components I currently have.  I just need to have it all rearranged and set by the time Jill comes in May.

I played more with jewelery making while visiting my sisters at The Mercantile -  I even learned wire wrapping!!!  Now I want to get my beading stuff out again.  I also have a quilt to make for my nephew, and one for a new baby due in June (not mine...) ... plus I am hooked on hexagons right now and have lots of different ideas I want to try....

Not to mention it is warming up outside and the garden is beckoning...  I've been growing greens inside in front of my french doors -and we just harvested 8 cups for dinner - but I am ready to start the seeds that will eventually go outside (around end of May in these parts).

I think I am going to need another vacation...