Monday, July 21, 2008

Collectors and their Collections

It must be pretty obvious by now that I collect turtles. Over the years I have been a collector of many things - in one phase of my childhood it was rocks, for a while it was bandannas (long story there - embarrassing fashion phase in my life), postcards, various stuffed animals... and I cannot forget my extensive collection of Castle themed LEGO sets, which the Munchkin will gain custody of ...when it is time.

I know I have purged these collections from time to time - the rocks went to NephewBob for Christmas one year. That was funny because his dad had taught him that if Mommy (Lazy Sister Sue) asked what she was getting for Christmas, he was to tell her "Rocks, Mommy, just Rocks." So for Christmas one year I actually gave him "Rocks, just Rocks." He loved it!!!

Mom is purging one of her collections - and I told her I would help get the word out by posting them here before we turn to an online auction with it's associated fees.

As a gift shop retailer, Mom has stocked many collectible lines over the years - including Lizzie High. She's got a few at home that were sold as Collector's Special Buys that she is now hoping to send off to a new loving home.

Their photos and names are listed below. If you are a Lizzie High collector, or know someone who is, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Mom about her asking prices and any additional information.

Audrey High (1993)
Becky High (1993)
Chloe Valentine (1994)
Dottie Bowman (1995)
Ellie Bowman (1996)
Fiona High (1996?)


Jennifer said...

How funny - my mom has a handful of Lizzie High dolls too and just last week was telling me that she is thinking of getting rid of hers too!

Julie H said...

I WISH my mom would purge some of her collections. She has so much stuff you can't walk through her house.

Anonymous said...

I remember the year you gave your (at that time) favorite nephew "rocks, just rocks" for Christmas. He has now passed them down to DragonBen who is enjoying his rock phase now. Who knows, they make come full circle, and be gifted to the Munchkin at some point in time!