Thursday, July 10, 2008

I call it a "Moon Cheese Sandwich" - what do you call it?

The other night Hubby made quesadillas for dinner. The Munchkin, who loves grilled cheese, was balking at this new and unknown food, right up until I called it a Moon Cheese Sandwich. It was big and round like the moon - and the extra cheese shreds we told him were Moon Sprinkles.

I wonder how long it will be before these are "quesadillas" again - I can just imagine the Munchkin as a teenager asking us for Moon Cheese Sandwiches for dinner.

There are some other phrases we've established around our household.

Dip Dip Dip Dip is anything in a little dish, like salad dressing or yogurt, for the Munchkin to dip things in.

We have Big Engines (Dupl0), Small Engines (Take Along Thomas) and Soft Engines (magnetic)

The village truck that comes through to grind up brush and branches is the Christmas Tree Truck.

I know there are more - they are just not coming to mind right now...

I do remember some other "family-isms" from my childhood. All three of these happen to be courtesy of Brother Rick - Number 5 of 6 and just 3 years older than me.

The Ding Ding Ding Ding was the railroad crossing.
Beemers were fingers.
The Buttaboom was the well driller.

And you already know about "Fujicles"

Oh and Tickle Bumps are those quick little rises in the road that leave your stomach at the top even as the car goes back down. Lots of those in West Virginia where Sister Terri used to live.

Any peculiar family phrases in your vocabulary?

Update: other 'isms' via email and IM from family.. woolbozer, Dai-Um (William), Terri's angels 'Gardi' and 'Dear' (one sat on each shoulder)


Higgins Design Studio said...

And don't forget the 'tickle bridge', one with an expanded steel deck that used to make the car vibrate and tickle your feet as you crossed it. I know there are more too...
DragonBen has left us with a few down here in SC, 'polka-bots' and 'leggy bugs' (lady bugs)to name a few. And there are more, but at 7:15 AM, my RAM isn't accessing.
Love you!

Deb A said...

I had to laugh since my niece was having a grilled cheese when she was 4 and thought my nephew needed a 'boy cheese', too. I guess she thought we said 'girl cheese' sandwich! Growing up, we had trees (brocolli) and flowers (cauliflower).... I was a teenager when I learned the 'real' names for them.

Anonymous said...

Some of our childhood sayings continued on into the next generation although we added some new ones. Your oldest nephew referred to our national bird as a "blind eagle" and just yesterday I had to stop myself and remember that it really was a BALD eagle!


Anjeanette said...

Sweet! I wish I had written these down from Vance. I need to with Dane. These little things are priceless.

Colleen said...

Ian likes to eat balls (peas) and right now all animals go by their sounds- "quack quack," "moo," and "ooo-ooo-ooo".