Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No More Trouble with Turtles

IT'S FINALLY DONE - and delivered!!!

After 5 months, and 800 miles, I now have no more "Trouble with Turtles". I finished most of the binding in the car between NY and SC, and then worked on it some evenings during our visit there. I was finally able to deliver it after the wedding, just before Lazy Sister Sue and her family left town to head back to their homes.

For an adaptation of a pattern - and some parts that were made up as I went along - it turned out pretty much as I thought. If I did it again (and I don't plan on it - 2 is enough) - the legs and head would be a bit different, and I would practice half square triangles a bit more to get the shell corners better.

The munchkin loved the turtle -and now sees turtles everywhere he looks! And I don't even have my collection on display right now.

Friday, October 05, 2007

What I did on my Summer (er - Fall) Vacation

Beading, sewing, baking, floral arranging, shopping, laughing, eating - I think we covered most of the bases during our week-plus away from home.

The bride to be, her mother in law to be, and two aunts to be got together one night for a beaded bracelet making session. These are our finished "sparklies." (Mine is the amber and copper and black one at the top of the picture. The bride -who had never beaded before - did a gorgeous black on black! Yummy!)

Once I get my photos organized, I will post the finished (!) pink turtle!

A great time was had by all!!!