Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Queen's Quilting Bee

Tomorrow night I hope to make a new friend - one of my students from a continuing education course was unable to take a quilting class I was offering because it was cancelled at the last minute due to lack of enrollment.

Unfortunately for her she did not find that out until AFTER she bought her fabric (and AFTER she went to the school for the class that night) - so after many missed emails and delays, we are getting together at my house tomorrow night so I can "show" her how it is done. She is a first time quilter and we are doing a quilt-as-you-go technique. I decided to work on one of my own - a patriotic throw to go on my swing for our July 4th "backyard drive-in" and also decided that this would be a "quilting bee" between (new) friends and not a class - so I am showing and sharing rather than teaching.

Geek Dad and NTG will be home - and Daddy has charge of putting NTG to bed while we cut, sew and chat. Lets hope they both cooperate!

Monday, June 19, 2006

I messed up...

don't know when, where or how - but I messed up! My nice scrapbooking tote that I measured and designed and planned and worked all day on - holds just about anything EXCEPT the scrapbook I designed it to hold.

I was on such a high - right up until I finished the project and tried to slide the book in - and could not get it past the zipper. It SHOULD fit - but somewhere, somehow my math was off - or my seam allowance was too big - or something.

Anyone need a bag??

craftus interruptus

craftus interruptus - definition: trying to do a project with an (almost) 16 month old needing your attention. I have already messed up the "measure twice cut once" on the fabric and will need to piece one side of my new tote - which is not a big deal since I am working with solid colors and hope to hide that seam under the straps and pocket - but it does add an extra step. I also cut things in the wrong order, which will require piecing of the straps.

Oh well - at least I am starting the project - I have only had the fabric stacked up on the table for a little over a week. It's been so muggy that I have not felt like concentrating - and since I am improvising on a pattern I figured I better be in the mood before I started.

(see also bloggus interruptus - getting sidetracked from posting by the same child...)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Starting Over

I started a blog in Yahoo 360 - but was not happy on some of the restrictions on who could leave comments, so decided to start over... so here I am - and don't know what to say... although as my family will say - me at a loss for words is RARE!!!

I thought I would share my latest craft creation - a funky and fun summer tote bag. I am working on another one - similar but sized to carry around the scrapbook that I am trying to work on for NTG. (More on that project another day)

NTG is napping - so his geek parents are sitting here at the dining room table with 2 laptops - setting up blogs!!! What is this world coming to? (oh - and geek daddy just IM'd me - when he is sitting within arms reach!!!)