Thursday, August 28, 2008

Take 2 Take 2...or is it Take 3?

I liked this pattern so much the first time (well, actually the 2nd time...) and had so much brown/cream stash still left over that I decided to make another one of these. It's a Christmas present, so at present just a flimsy.

I like how this one turned out - different contrast than the brown/tan of "It Takes Two"

Not sure what it's name is yet, though.
Oh - and the Phoenix is beginning to arise from the ashes.
More updates on that in the weeks to come - after I finish one or two more quilts for an October 1 deadline.


Anjeanette said...

Oh this is spectacular! I really like it. I'm going to have to look at the other one you referred to also. I wish I could do this like you do. Very cool.

Jen said...

Wow iRegina, it's georgeous!!!!

Jill said...

that's so pretty. i dont have the space or the patience for a big project like that. it would take forever. but i manage small projects, so i guess i'll stick with those! ha!

Shar said...

It's so pretty love the brown and cream colors!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt.