Monday, August 11, 2008

Turtle of the Day - Long Legged Louie

Sometimes I figure out where a turtle came from by what I had him packed in. This little guy was wrapped in newspaper from Japan and had a business card from a little gallery in Kanazawa - which sparked my memory of purchasing him shortly before my return home in 1993, when I was making my "farewell visits" to some of my favorite haunts - knowing it would be a long long time before I could ever return.

This guy just caught my eye with his shape, the colors (photo does not do it justice -what looks "grey" is an olivey green color) and his face -the eyes are not glazed while the rest of him is.

Amazingly I got him home unbroken.

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Jill said...

i just wanted to say, thank you thank you for remaining faithful to my blog in my long hiatus of pathetic posts while trying to work and be pregnant simultaneously. my blogging and blog hopping took the hit, and i've only gotten to your blog one other time and most likely didnt comment then. thank you for your commitment. you're on my blogroll now. i'll try and go back and read some, but may just read from this point forward. :-)