Monday, August 25, 2008

Turtle of the Day - Tartaruga

This little guy was packed with a card that says he is made in Italy.

I can only imagine that my parents brought him back for me when they visited Italy a few years ago - since I have an unwritten rule that I won't buy a turtle made in another country unless I buy it while I am visiting that country (which is why I don't have an Austrian crystal one....yet)

Which means someone must have given me this one.

Mom - was this you?

By the way - Tartaruga is Italian for Turtle.

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Higgins Design Studio said...

Mom has not seen the post yet, but she cannot remember if she got you this turtle or not. Did you get a ceramic bowl filled with marzipan fruit? If so, the turtle is not from her. If not, she'll take a look at the photo tomorrow and let you know... no matter who gave it to you, it is cute!
Love you sis!