Friday, August 08, 2008

Flashback Friday - Beater Lickin' Good

There was a lot of beater licking that went on in our house growing up. With six kids and six birthdays, not to mention the cakes that Mom made in her catering side business, very few weeks went by between beater licking opportunities.

These scrumptious little tongue twisting treats were something worth fighting over as I recall - although photographic evidence shows only the two littlest ones attacking the coveted beaters. Or perhaps it is because they were the beaters for OUR birthdays -mine in the top photo (February) and Rick's in the bottom photo (March).

Bowl scrapings were also appreciated -although Mom wielded a mad spatula and there was rarely anything left.

Frosting was always well sampled for quality control - and there was nothing better than snitching one of Mom's "wilted" frosting roses for a quick treat.

A ready stash of frosting was usually in the freezer, and as much as we tried to cover up the evidence, I am sure Mom knew there were frequent spoon dips into those containers.

Things got even worse when cookies were being made - half of the yield usually got consumed raw - especially when they were Chocolate Chip cookies.

Ah - those were the days -no warnings and worries about raw eggs and illnesses - no concerns about all that sugar- just sitting on the counter, kicking our feet, and trying to figure out how to curl our tongue around that last little drip of YUM.

Nothing beats a beater!


Anonymous said...

Ah, raw cookie dough! I remember coming home from school and Mom had mixed up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and asked me to bake them. Somehow it didn't make quite as many cookies as she had counted on! "one for me, three for the cookie sheet, one for me, four for the cookie sheet........"

And, come to think of it, weren't there ready beater lickers and frosting testers last September as Mom worked on Bob & Shelly's wedding cake?!


Higgins Design Studio said...

Licking the beater is something you never outgrow!
Love you sis!

Anjeanette said...

One of my favorite thing to do as a kid was lick the beaters. When I bake now, I always remember doing it when I was younger. Now I do feel like a kid licking the beaters.

I don't think we have any pictures of it though. The munchkin sure looks like you and your siblings.

Quilter In Paradise said...

my Mom used to leave just a "little bit" extra on the beaters so we could lick them... and LOL I do the same thing jut for myself!
My kids grew up licking and I'm teaching the grandkids the same enjoyable pastime.
Thanks for bringing back the memories!
AND, I love your "Flashback Friday" posts,, what a great way to remember.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Oh, I STILL lick the beaters and bowls here! Yum!!