Monday, August 04, 2008

Turtle of the Day - Zoo Turtles

We went to the zoo last Monday -Munchkin and Hubby and I - as part of our summer "staycation"

Of course I got pictures of the turtles (I did take more pictures of my kid than I did of the turtles - but I had to count to be sure!)

I kid you not - this first one is called a "Chicken Turtle" - read the sign for more details (click to see a larger version -sorry about the blurry photo)

I did not get the name on the second one - it was kind of a "shoot and run" while the Munchkin was racing us to see the piranha - AGAIN!

This kid of ours really likes the big tanks of tropical fish -in fact he stood in front of the fish tank in the "Rocky Coast" exhibit -oblivious to the cavorting Sea Lion show going on - and the polar bear swimming just beyond the glass next to him. He's all about those fish.

He was very very very very disappointed that the fish tee shirt in the gift shop only came in infant sizes. Disappointed enough that he did not want a shirt at all. In fact he was a determined little browser - insisting he was "looking for something" - although he could not tell us what that "something" was.

Finally it turned out to be a large clownfish (Nemo) tub toy - that "swims" when you pull the string with the worm on it.

Of course Mommy came home with a turtle...

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Barb said...

When we were at the beach last week we saw quite a few sea turtles. I just love seeing them (but worry about the sharks that like them for supper). I actually have a pattern for a LARGE sea turtle and I'm going to do it all in batiks ~ someday!