Saturday, August 09, 2008

Photos and Quilts - two of my favorite things...

One benefit of blogging some of my crafting adventures has been a good photo record of what I have made - and the chance to share that with more than just the recipient of a finished project.

And sometimes that sharing goes even further -like entering a photo of a project I am especially proud of into a photo contest - like the one going in through August at Quilting Gallery. Luckily for me the project does not need to be finished - as this one is still just a flimsie and there are a couple of other quilts in the queue before it to be finished.

The best part is that in the process of writing up my entry - I finally figured out a name for this Disappearing/Reappearing Nine Patch creation... The Cheshire Garden.

Now I have a feeling this will Disappear into my work basket for a while - lets just hope it reappears soon enough to be finished in time for Christmas.


Deb A said...

That is a great name and the quilt is very nice. I'll bet it will come out this fall to be finished in time for Christmas.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Oh, that will be a good one for the contest! Love the name! I submitted the Lover's Lane myself! :)