Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Turtle of the Day - The Puzzle

I got this Turtle at a toy store - somewhere - I think it was in Japan but I am not sure. I can see the store in my mind - but not quite clear enough to figure out the details of where and when.

Do you ever remember things that way? Try to see a "photograph" in your mind? Usually I am good at that - I can remember where I read things by where on the page it was, or visualize myself doing something and remember where it happened. It does not always happen on demand, though - sometimes I have to think of something else and then the memory will creep it's way back in.

They say there are different kinds of learners - those that hear, those that read, and those that physically experience - but most people are a combination of these. I think I am a mix of a read and experience type person - I remember a lot of what I read, but especially with crafting skills I do better with a video, or step by step photos and tutorials.

And when I put puzzles together I rely heavily on what it is SUPPOSED to look like. No picture - and I will give up. At least with this little guy (or should I count this as 2 turtles???) there are no other ways for him/them to fit together.

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Phyl said...

Just stopping by to thank you for joining in on my 200th Post Celebration and see what you have been up to:). My sonloves turtle stuff, too.