Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Buddies and Blankies

I'll admit it - I used to sleep with a teddy bear - in addition to the Grandma Quilt I have already talked about. Over the years I have actually had a few different bears, and I still have a few of them, although they no longer sleep with me. One my hubby gave me, and others were adopted at different times for different reasons.

The Munchkin currently has a whole crew that share his crib - they don't go far from his room at any other time, and when we travel overnight somewhere only one comes along - but each night and at nap time he makes sure they are all there.

That and the half dozen blankets. We washed them yesterday - and he gave them each a hug when they came out of the dryer. All together they make a Super Duper Double Munchkin Tent at nap time - until he pulls them all down and makes a nest to curl up in.

I wonder as he gets older if he will remember his blankies and buddies as fondly as I remember mine? At least we have a picture of his buddies for posterity... and such original names: Pig, Chicken, Monkey, Clifford and Sera (short for Triceratops).

(Taken with the new camera by The Munchkin)

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Moneik said...

I still have my blankie and remember it fondly. I put it in my cedar chest so I will always have it. I can't wait to make a really cool quilt for my new niece or nephew.