Saturday, March 01, 2008

Birth Month - Grand Finale

Well I don't know how "grand" the finale was, but Birth Month in our household officially ended last night. For those of you who saw the original pictures of our Birth Month pockets, you may have noticed there were 28. Lest you think I forgot -here's what the "final" version looks like:

The plan is to add a decorative button for that loop to hook around so we can add the extra pocket for Leap Years (and pin it to the back for safekeeping on the other years) and to add a heart button or embellishment to Valentine's Day (red pocket on bottom left of this photo).

I also need to get more beads or iron on numbers or something, because the Munchkin was quite distraught that he could not find "29".

He will be even more distraught tonight when he realizes the pockets are put away until next year and the seemingly unending stream of new train cars and other goodies will cease - at least for now.

There are still 2 unopened in the closet for a special occasion - the rest are all over the play room floor - keeping a little boy VERY happy!

What a great month!


Anonymous said...

What, no more Birth Month? I'm disappointed, too!

I've enjoyed my daily dose of gifting and musing.

I love your idea for celebrating the month with this new tradition. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.


Jen said...

I LOVED birth month. I can't wait to make one of these.

Moneik said...

Birth Month was so fun! I really enjoyed hearing what you all got. Until next year. Happy Birthday from one Feb. birthday to another.