Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birth Month - Day 19

Saved by Your Big Backyard -again. Although two issues in one month- what's up with that??? The Munchkin is getting so good with his animals - some I know are from our books here at the house, but some I haven't even heard of and yet he rattles off the names like they are old friends. Hmmm - I think keeping up with him is going to get harder and harder!

This morning he had sun glare on the way to Gramma's, and wanted me to tell the sun to "go back to bed" so he would not have to squint. Wish I could keep him up for the eclipse tonight - as much as he loves the moon - and can recognize it in all its various stages AND spot it in the daytime or nighttime sky - I wonder how he would react??


Jen said...

That's tough, it's going to be a few years till the next one isn't it? How badly would your mom hate you for keeping him up?

Michele said...

We kept our Small Man up for it- he was a little bit cranky this morning, but not too bad. (well, really, it was because we let the big kids stay up, but he was pretty impressed as well).