Saturday, December 29, 2012

Turtle(s) of the week

I haven't posted any new turtles in a while - though FIVE more entered my life (four on Christmas morning and one on Christmas Eve)  Three are from Jill.

Jill sent the pink/purple batik with the turtles on it -not sure what I am going to make that into just yet -but it is lovely!  The color is very vibrant.

Next from Jill was a pin - this is recycled felt and ZIPPERS of all things - very cool!  I can't wait to wear this to work - I have a pair of coppery turtle earrings that will look really nice with this - since the zipper has a coppery/dark brassy look to it.

The next turtle from Jill is crochet -and covers a measuring tape.  This will be really handy to have around.  And if you push his "belly button" the measuring tape retracts.

The last turtle is a construct-your-own perler bead kit that was in my stocking from Santa.  I will probably have the Munchkin help me put this together - since he is on a bit of a perler bead kick recently - but this will be fun to hang up in my sewing room.

I also won a beautiful print from artist Regina Lord at Creative Kismet- her stuff is just gorgeous!!!  The print I won from her is not currently in her Etsy shop - but it is a girl riding a turtle -just lovely.  If you ever think of ordering from her - the prints are shipped so they stay flat, and the quality is very nice -vibrant and colorful.

PS:  Creative Kismet posted earlier this year about the inspiration behind her turtle print here - and you can see the print there, too.


Darling Jill Quilts said...

What lovely turtles!! :)

Jennifer said...

Santa (and by Santa, I mean Jill) was very good to you! I love the zipper pin best of all!

Jean(ie) said...

Love the crochet turtle... too cute!