Monday, December 31, 2012

It's been a good, busy year!

So today is the day that people traditionally look back on their year's accomplishments, and make plans for the year ahead. I've done very little of that today - instead I packed up Christmas with a 7 year-old helper (who then wanted to vacuum - this is new!), and that took most of my day - and energy. It is pizza and a movie night tonight - with maybe a little knitting or sewing thrown in. I did decide to go back and take a look at my crafty projects from 2012 - or at least those I got photographs of. This doesn't include the garden or the new front porch or some items that were made and gifted before photos could be taken.  I also didn't take pictures of some new pillowcases, curtains, and chair covers that were made - or the "pirate flag" that flew over the Munchkin's play-fort all summer and is now gracing our snow-castle.  What can I say - I like to keep busy and I like to make things!  ;-)
Not a bad year's worth of sewing. (and don't ask which are my favorites - that's too hard to pick... though the pillow I made with the Munchkin has to rank way up there).  (I also have to admit that not all of these are 'finished' - there are 3 in this collage that are just tops yet to be quilted.)

Happy New Year - may 2013 bring everyone peace, health and contentment.



Jennifer said...

That is a great set of finished projects! Happy new year to you and your family,

Darling Jill Quilts said...

You put my collage to shame! I vow to make half of what you do in 2013! Or I will attempt it and fail miserably! Bwahahaha!

In all seriousness - GREAT JOB!! *slow clap*