Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is not the UFO you are looking for

I had another UFO in the works this Christmas that was delivered today - it is not one of the one I have been dropping hints on, but was a third one that was not done in time for Christmas Day gifting.  This was a locally delivered quilt to Hubby's sister and family, and I wanted to get this one done and delivered before finishing up the other 2 (sorry Jill and Sue - you still gotta wait!)

I could not post pictures of this before delivery - so here it is - "Thoroughly Modern Mickey" - made from Oz by Sanae for Moda, and using this pattern from Clover and Violet.  I added in a few fabrics from a different Sanae line to stretch this out and get the size I wanted - same colors, but different motifs - and you can hardly tell the difference.

The weather was cooperative enough for some "glamour shots" on the bench in the yard.

If you look really closely  - you can see where the name of the quilt comes from.  Another of my fledgling attempts at FMQ - this one was fun and I was really happy with how it turned out.

Another fun part of this quilt was using the thread I had won in the Aurifil thread naming contest in April.  I used it in the top and the variegation in the thread color worked nicely with all the colors going on with this fabric line.  On the back I used grey thread and the backing is also a grey houndstooth, so it blended in nicely.

Now on to the other UFO's.


Darling Jill Quilts said...

It looks awesome!! Did she love it???

Gina said...

what a gorgeous Quilt..I love the colours and special :) HNY to you and yours xox