Friday, December 30, 2011

Quilting Table

When I was posting about my studio revamp in the spring, I mentioned about my new sewing table, and how I was going to have hubby cut the table to drop my sewing machine in.

After some consideration, and some online browsing, we decided instead to bring the surface of the table UP - leaving us an intact table should we change direction in the future.

It's been a while since I have been able to get the table fully cleared off - as it was also Christmas wrapping central - but this weekend I was able to take this table to it's next step.

Table cover made of sandwiched together insulating foam boards from Home Depot, with a spot cut out for my machine.  This was a very messy cutting process - if you do this, try to do it outside!
Cleared off table top - wow, have not seen it that clean in a long time.
Table with wedge in place, wrapped with a vinyl tablecloth.  We do have heavy duty vinyl to put on this eventually, but I wanted the white under-surface rather than the pink, and this can actually be worked on.  It won't hold up long though - especially in the corners.  I used packing tape and actually taped this to the underside of the table.

Due to the foam thickness, we had to make a small platform for the machine to bring it up to level, but now my work space extends pretty smoothly from the machine bed right to the foam platform- and the projects slide nicely on the vinyl.
We left this spot open to get at the cords and also keep that little vent on the machine open - though I don't know what it is for.  It also works as a nice spot to put a small pin dish or the seam ripper (not that I EVER need that?!?!?)  you can see how the tablecloth wrapped right down to the bottom of this opening.

The view from above.
I have worked on one quilt on here already - and it is SO MUCH EASIER to not be fighting the weight of the quilt pulling it out from under the needle, especially since my machine's default is needle-up.  I even did some FMQ in the center of that quilt, and it was SO SO SO SO nice to have better control and handling!

I only wish I had done this sooner!


Three Birds Inspired said...

I had seen this done on a YouTube video or something years ago but never attempted it myself...though I really wanted to try it! Glad to read that you are happy with the results and all the extra details from a "real person". Happy New Year!!

Barb said...

Oh....this is awesome!!!! I love it! Now I have something else to dream about.

Bethany said...

What a neat idea! Love it!