Wednesday, December 28, 2011

QDD strikes again... or was it the 6 year old???

I am so bad...  here I am trying to finish up 2 UFO's for Christmas gifts (2011 Christmas gifts) and what did I do this afternoon? I cut the pieces for a quilt for a 2012 Christmas gift!!!  I WAS working on the UFO's but then I got to a stopping point where I needed to move from working in my studio to spreading out on the living room floor (yes -THAT stage of assembly) - but the 6 year old was deeply engrossed in a program on the laptop in the studio and I couldn't budge him.  I wanted to get him AND the laptop safely moved back to the 1st floor before I started to spread things out - so in the interim I started cutting.

7 "packages" of 5" precuts (30 per package) were just enough to cut out this pattern I found on the website (enlarged a bit to throw size).  I had gotten the precuts in a clearance sale with this 2012 quilt in mind - but had no pattern chosen at the time.  I am not working in flannel - and still need to pick a fabric for the sashing and borders, but I have some time for that.  Maybe I can manage to get this quilt done early in the year and set aside and not be post-Christmas gifting like I am this year.

And just so the 2 UFO recipients don't get all panicky - I DID finally move the child and the computer - and worked on the next stages of one of the projects (but whose????  I will never tell!)

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