Saturday, December 05, 2009

Little accomplishments

I was AWOL the better part of November, preparing for a craft show. It went well, and now it is over and I can set my sights on finishing up what I hoped to finish by the end of the year. Some things are Christmas gifts, some are not.

Today I finished up a quilt that is a gift for a friend "just because" - it just so happens that it will be sent off around Christmas. Since it is a surprise (well -the person knows they are getting a quilt, just not what it looks like) -I will just show you a little tiny peek...

OK - that's it.
Today I finished the top by adding the borders and was able to set it aside and work on another project - finishing up the Block of the Month for the Munchkin. Tonight I got two more blocks done on that - bringing me to 8 of 12... and after that I will still need to piece the sashing and borders. This will probably be a birthday quilt for his 5th birthday in February.

I struggled a bit with block 8 -block 7 went together nicely. I am doing this scrappily, so the most time consuming part of each block is picking the fabrics and making sure I have enough to do the block. The sashing and pieced border are supposed to come from these same fabrics, and you cut them as you go along. I have not had large enough pieces to be able to do that for all the fabrics, and will supplement with more scraps for the borders when I get to that point. It is using up a lot of odds and ends though - which is really fun. The truth will be when I lay it all out and see what the overall crazy effect is! I think all the white in the outer part of the blocks and in the sashing will really tie it all together.

And since I have not posted a picture of my boys in a while - here's the Munchkin and Hubby with the first batting lesson!!!


Michelle said...

Glad you are back. Love the quilt blocks, and your little guy is growing up too fast.
Have a great Sunday,

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Oh!!! That quilt looks like it has great promise!! I bet that I, er, I mean, the recipient will LOVE it!!! :)

And your blocks are looking great! Love the colors!!

Gina said...

Can't wait for the reveal of the quilt.

Love the pic of your two boys.

Love and hugs Gina xxx