Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maggie Bags are Here!!!

Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs has done it again - come up with a cute, quick, simple and FUN pattern - for something so versatile and useful! The Maggie Bag! I just got my copy of the pattern and in no time flat was able to whip together a few of these cuties!

These are not quite done yet - I need to add some embellishments to the flaps, but I thought I would show what I have done so far.

I first tried one by the pattern - the turtle one - with no loop. It has an orange lining, and fusible velcro to hold it closed. It was fun but I could see that working with a directional fabric might be challenging, as I tried to keep my turtles from standing on their heads.

The pink floral one is some scrap fabric I had - and I used a Handy Tab and swivel clasp to make it hangable. I want to shorten the Handy Tab up a bit though because the swivel clasp is heavy and makes the bag top heavy.

On the tan and black one, I cut out the template from flannel, then layered strips of scraps on top - stitching and flipping - until I covered the entire piece. I trimmed it, layered it with the lining and had a fun little pouch. The strips don't line up on the center seam, but I think it works for what I wanted.

And on the scissor one - I cut the whole thing longer - going as far across the 10" layer cake piece as I could. It was about 1" longer overall, and about 1/4" narrower at the bottom due to the taper. I used the ribbon that comes with the Moda layer cakes to make the hanging loop. (PS - I tried my glasses in the scissor/longer one - and they do fit. They are a bit too long for the normal length. I also tried bandaids in the little 0ne -thinking of a mini first aid kit - but the brand I had was a bit long for that, too.... so many ideas!)

I did not get a picture of the little one - I think the Munchkin ran off with it - but it is cute and perfect for business cards and other little treasures. I am thinking of using it as gift packaging for some jewelery I hope to make for the holidays.

Very addicting - be warned!


Jennifer said...

I am so jealous that you already got your pattern! They look great, and I especially love the scissor one for glasses!

Marj said...

Your bags are very cute. I now have to go and find the pattern, what a great gift idea. Do you think that your sister will be teaching a class at AQS ?

Barb said...

Oh gosh ~ Now I'm thinking I need to get the pattern. It will have to wait till December though cause I'm on the 25 weeks of Christmas group and we are in "no buy November."
Yours came out awfully cute though.

Anonymous said...

My sewing level is intermediate to advanced and here were the problems with this pattern, the batting in the large bag should have been cut smaller than the fabric squares to make the seams much more manageable. The pattern states light to medium batting and I used medium .
The bottom seam not only was bulky but it was not a finished seam as it was just an open zigzagged seam, I find this slipshod

Lastly the rough portion of the velcro barely fit under my machine and was difficult to go all the way around the velcro to secure it while also going over the bulky center seam. Pattern states to add this portion of the velcro by hand. Sewing velcro on by hand is not very strong or professional looking. Three thumbs down is my pattern review.
In all my years of sewing I have to say this pattern was the worst thought out one I have experienced & I am also out the money and time the time.

I recommend you steer clear of this pattern and check out some of the many other patterns out there for a gadget bag.


Regina said...

@Anonymous -since I use the velcro fusion I did not experience the issues you had with stitching in velcro, but I could see where that would be tight. Another option I have seen people use is a button/buttonhole or a button with elastic at the tip of the flap. Either would work great I think.

The batting sizing is a good note - I realized I trimmed mine after sewing but before turning, which is probably the same result as cutting it smaller in the first place.