Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love my Maggies

In the midst of everything else I have been working on - I have managed to put together more than a few more Maggie bags - and I have a few more planned as last minute little gifties (The Munchkin's teachers will all be getting them).

These go together so fast - and are pretty flexible to play with.

On the two long ones - I wanted "Maggies" that would work as pencil cases for my nephews. So I pulled out a new unsharpened pencil to use as a guide, and cut them that long, plus a little for the seam. The one underneath is made from the leg of a pair of old jeans, and the railroad one is from yardage I had. Both have the same striped lining.

The plastic clip I had has a very wide base to it - so I stitched two pieces of grosgrain ribbon together to make a wide piece, and used that. Not perfect - but it did the trick.

The butterfly one is from a leftover layer cake square of Moda Wonderland - and has a coordinating fabric inside. One of the tiny green ones was gifted with the larger one as a set.


Marj said...

I like the pencil case idea. The first use that popped into my brain was a glasses case, maybe? You go girl, I love your creativity.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

They all look great!! Did you have to rip any on these? lol

Glasses case would be a great idea!

SusanC said...

I just completed 16 Maggies for the Busy Bees' Christmas gifts. Used the lining fabric and made a yoyo to embellish the top. Marj picked one out to match a Snap Happy bag I had gifted her earlier in the year.

Love using small bits of fabric to make useful pretty things!!


Joan Hawley said...

Regina, Your Maggies are wonderful! Love the long versions. I've been thinking of making one for my crochet needles. Great job!

Susan, Do we get to see a pic of your 16?

Happy Holidays,