Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday - Phoenix Mystery Quilt V

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Remember those 72 four-patch "cobblestones" we made a couple of weeks ago.
Now it is time to turn those into "sweet sixteens".

First - take 8 of them and set them aside -you will use these later.

You will now be working with 64 "cobblestone" four patches and assembling them into "sixteen patches.

The easiest way to chain piece these is to stitch them into pairs (64 = 32 pairs), and then stitch those 8x4 block rectangles together into 8 block by 8 block squares.

You can be as regular or as random with these as your style, and fabric choice, allows.

You will end up with 16 of these new blocks.

Please note - these blocks will NOT be the same dimension as the "eye blocks." They will be smaller. They should be 6 1/2" square.

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