Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday - Pumpkin Patch

Me - age 1 1/2 - in the pumpkin patch at Palmiter's in Tinkertown (Alfred Station), NY
We always went there to pick out pumpkins - they even had groups from school go there if I remember correctly.

The Munchkin, age 1 1/2, picking out pumpkins at Hellaby Hill, Scottsville NY.
I loved watching him run up and down among the rows of pumpkins, the blue sky matching his blue sweatshirt. He would stop next to the biggest pumpkins and reach over and just barely touch the tips of the stems, saying "wow"

This year we have pumpkins grown by my neighbor.
Which one did the Munchkin pick???
The one that never turned orange - he calls it "the black one" (it is dark green).

Strange kid.


Higgins Design Studio said...

Not strange, just being an individual... kinda like his mom... don't you think???
Love you sis!

Job said...

Looking at the bottom photo: I miss that grass..... so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How cute. I didn't get to go with Josh to the pumpkin patch. I didn't have anyone to watch Andrew. Josh came home with a tiny pumpkin. I drew a face on it and he colored it in.