Monday, October 13, 2008

Turtle of the Day - A Turtle On My Pants

After realizing that my son has suddenly had a growth spurt and is showing off a bit of ankle in all his pajama and "lounge" pants, I decided to finally follow some of those online tutorials I have seen for making your own lounge pants by tracing a pair that fits.

I found a good fitting pair waist wise in his dresser, added a bit of length, made a pattern, and set to sewing. I had found the dinosaur waffle knit and the turtle/animal fleece on the super duper clearance rack, so each pair cost me about $2.

The Munchkin has decided that this is the back of his pants (thank goodness - I did not intentionally place any animals anywhere - honest) - the front legs have crabs on the knees (for Gramma)

Of course I could not sew just for the Munchkin, so the butterfly pants were my "fitting experiment" and then when figured out that I had the right measurements, I cut into my bee fabric. Those are lacking only the elastic.

These are fun, easy and addicting -and I know there is green turtle fabric just waiting at my local JoAnn's for my next coupon or the next sale.


Susan C said...

Is that the bee fabric you are sharing with me?! Buzz, buzz!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Love the pants! THey are very addicting! I get to show mine off this weekend... at JEN'S!!! :D