Friday, October 17, 2008

It's the Little Things

I don't do well with sun glare - it makes my eyes all squinty and watery, which is perfectly awful if I am trying to drive. I wear a pretty strong prescription as well, and cannot drive (or do much else really) without my glasses, so my prescription sunglasses are always close at hand.

Most days forgetting my sunglasses would not be a huge issue, as Hubby and I carpool and he usually drives, but today I had to work late so I had to drive my car.

And I had left my sunglasses in Hubby's car.

Of course I realized this just as Hubby and the Munchkin pulled out of the driveway, along with the one pair of oversized sunglasses that does fit over my regular glasses.


Then I opened the door to my car, and there centered on the console was my sunglass case - which Hubby had thoughtfully put there before heading out.

Thanks Sweetie!

(note - the blinged out sunglasses The Munchkin is wearing in this photo are not mine, but belong to his bling-loving Aunt Cindy)


Christine said...

Aww! That's one super thoughtful husband you've got there!

Anonymous said...

I knew I liked that young man of yours. What a good guy.


Barb said...

Gotta love those thoughtful hubsters!