Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taming The Beast

As much as I love to snuggle under a quilt, a staple item on our bed during the cold season is our great big fluffy down comforter. Mmmm...fluffy snuggly goodness.

However - with 2 cats, a king sized bed, and short arms - I soon grew weary of wrestling the comforter into it's cover after the frequent necessary washings (cat hair - ewww...)

Not to mention the frustration of the comforter bunching up inside the cover.

Or all the down migrating to one spot.

One cover we bought came with ties at the corners - that you tied around the corner of the cover.

Those worked pretty well - but the corners would slip out sometimes.
And with the length of the sides, the comforter would still "slouch" and get bunched up.

When I made a duvet cover for the Munchkin's bed (we got a little down throw for free when we bought our king size comforter, and it is a perfect size for him), I got the brilliant idea to sew ties not only on the inside of all four corners, but in the inside center of each side of the cover. I then added fabric loops with grosgrain ribbon scraps to all four corners and the center of each side of the comforter (not planning on ever using it uncovered, so it did not matter cosmetically).

I recently went back and did the same for our king size cover.

It makes putting the cover on so much easier, too.

Simply turn your cover inside out, and lay your comforter on top.
Tie up all the ties to all the loops.
Then reach inside, pull the top corners through the bottom, shake it out and button up the opening.

No twists, no bunches, and if your down shifts it makes it easier to grab and shake without really disrupting the whole insides.

And it turned what was a 2 person job into a one person job.

Now if I could just keep the fur ON the cats...


Jen said...

You're brilliant!!!

Anjeanette said...

Oh you are so smart! I love to snuggle under a nice thick quilt/comforter etc. I've always wondered how people keep them nicely flat in duvet covers.

Anonymous said...

Jen said it best - brilliant! You smart girl.