Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday I headed to Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company with a friend - they were having a special event, it was a gorgeous day, and we both had the time to "escape."

The event was "Quilt Market at Mt. Pleasant Quilting" and this is how it was advertised:

"I will be going to Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. That’s where retailers go to see, buy/order the latest in fabrics, books, patterns, notions, gizmo’s and gadgets. Well - we are going to have a Quilt Market here in York, New York. (1st time ever in Western New York!) The big tent will be in the front lawn displaying fabric from 27 different companies. You will get to see the fabrics as I see them at Quilt Market and will be able to vote and tell me what your favorite fabrics are. You will be helping me make my decisions. You also will be able to see/buy/order the latest books, patterns, notions, gizmo’s and gadgets! I will be able to bring a lot of “stuff” back with me from Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburg as I will be driving! There will be demos, and plenty of door prizes! You will get to meet Jim Valderkolk who will be bringing this mini Quilt Market to us! There will be SURPRISE SPECIALS also! Whew! Sounds like an exciting day to me!"

It was exciting - right up to Shellie winning a door prize as we stood in the checkout line to leave - although it was a bit frustrating to see fabrics you like in the tent - and know that they are not available yet. At least 50% of my quilt shop buying is that "I gotta have it NOW" impulse - and unfortunately I could not indulge in that.

I did indulge in some of the sale fabrics though - including buying the rest of the bolt of this fabric from Marcus Brothers:

"The rest of the bolt" was over 17 yards - but the price was right and it is the perfect fabric for backing on at least two quilts that I am working on. It also reminds me of my time in Japan - as it is very much like some of the fabrics I saw there - and will probably find its way into a king size quilt for our bed - perhaps as the backing, perhaps as one of the main fabrics.

And I am also considering making a pair of summer jammy pants.

I need to get a photo of the rest of what I got - just 2 FQ's and 2 1/4 yard cuts. I did see the sample swatches for In the Beginning Lily Pond which the shop has ordered but had not come in yet. I am looking at this for a baby quilt for my neighbor - who also likes turtles. The baby is due in July and we won't know the gender until the birth, so I have a bit of time to figure out my pattern and yardages.

Of course it won't hurt to have some extra, now will it???


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!! Wish I could have gone with you. I love that Marcus Bros. fabric. Nancy just got in some wonderful indigos that would look fabulous with it. 17 yards should give you plenty to play with.


Moneik said...

What a fun event! I would have enjoyed it as well.