Saturday, May 09, 2009

Retreat day 2... and into the wee hours

After finishing up the Step it Up top and getting some lunch - I started on another project I had kitted up.

It involved sewing a WHOLE lot of muslin squares to blue squares to make half square triangles, and as easy as that was, it was also VERY dull. My sleep deprived brain needed a bit more excitement to keep it awake, so I decided to make myself a quick pouch for my new ORANGE iPod Nano (thanks Hubby - I love it!). I used a few construction tricks I have learned from making Lazy Girl Designs Wonder Wallets, and added a few touches of my own.

When showing it off to the Peeps, a couple mentioned wondering if their cell phones would fit in a Wonder Wallet. We tried with the ones we got as favors at lunch -and it was a bit tight - so I quickly offered to whip up a couple custom sized ones for the Jen V. and Moneik. Luckily for me they have the same phones! (and lucky for Moneik I had a scrap of her favorite color fabric!)

After that quick gratification project, I put together some block roll-ups under Jen's tutelage - Jen had provided me with one turtle fabric, and Jill with another - so I ended up making two. These are great - I hope to be doing more "quilting on the go" in the future and putting these to good use.

And then I moved on to my next project - I had 5 blocks leftover from Corkscrewball and had planned to turn them into a table runner that we can use for our big family Fourth of July picnic at our house. I set them with the leftover fabric from the backing of that quilt, and even have some of that binding left as well. I plan to use this to practice some free motion quilting, too.

This went together very quickly as most of the work was already done and I just had to rotary cut some strips for the borders and sashing.

After this little flurry of progress, I kind of fizzled. I could not settle on a project to work on - and kind of wandered around talking to others and looking at what they were working on.

After dinner we played a game of Left-Right-Center - and Becka cleaned up 2 of the 3 rounds. She was very generous with her winnings, though, and I got some fun and useful FQ's out of it all. It was fun to take a break from the gym and go down to the lounge and just chill for a bit.

After the game - I kind of got a second wind energy wise, but was still not settling in on a project I wanted to work on. Becka and I stayed up until about 3:30ish - she was working on finishing up a pieced quilt back, and I was just kind of organizing my stuff - putting things away, and pulling out a few things that I planned to work on for Sunday.

Luckily I did not wake up any of the sleeping beauties in my room as I came in and creeped into my upper bunk.


Jen said...

It's more fun to read your blog post than it was to write mine!! It was so much fun!

Moneik said...

What a great time! It was so fun sewing, and yet I felt the same way at times and couldn't concentrate on one project either. Thanks so much for the wonder wallet for my cell phone. It's awesome.