Monday, August 14, 2006

Fireflies and Bubbles of Joy

From a recent discussion with friends about joy and holding on to the small things....

One friend shared how she holds tight to the tiny things - even buried memories - the ones that bring you or brought you a moment of joy - she calls them fireflies. She says they're only bright for half a second but what a brightness they possess! She says the more you hold onto them, the more other fireflies will come to you. Place them in a jar - not a closed jar, as they need air - and that jar will soon shine more brightly than you could ever imagine.

A different friend shared about finding bubbles of joy. The bubble might pop immediately or might float gracefully for a few minutes. It won't last long; but then you must go and look for another bubble. They're there in everyday life; we simply have to look for them.

My son's giggles are today's fireflies -they seem to propogate even more giggles on both sides, and one of today's bubbles is seeing him hug Daddy goodbye as he left for work this morning.

What are your fireflies and bubbles?

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