Tuesday, June 22, 2010

High Calorie Giveaway

A 500th post giveway on a quilting/crafting blog is usually something crafty - patterns, fabric, notions, a finished project.

And this giveaway might eventually include one of those type of items. Heck - it WILL include some of those items.

But it is going to start with a cookbook - not just any cookbook but one that was being sold by a local medical office as a fundraiser for a recent American Cancer Society Relay for Life event.

It's your typical local group produced cookbook - lots of recipes your mom, neighbor, aunt, husband, or the lady at all the local potlock suppers might have in their stash. Some you may already have.

There IS a recipe for peanut butter pie!!!

But it is so much more! It is the effort of a few people, giving of their time to create something that can make a difference, however small, in the lives of so many affected by cancer.

Not just the patients, but the families -the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, spouses, grandparents, co-workers and friends that are affected every time a diagnosis has to be made.

Entry into this giveaway is simple.

For ONE entry - just leave a comment on this post. No need to be a follower.

For FIVE extra entries - please post a message or image on your blog with a link to the online giving page of the American Cancer Society or any other cancer research charity of your choice. Post me a message with the corresponding link, please. (if you don't have a blog - but are on Facebook, post there instead).

and for TEN extra entries - please consider making a gift of your own - in any amount - to ACS or any other cancer research charity. Just post me a message that you did - no need to tell me how much.

I'll take entries until my Mom finishes her current round of chemo... I will have to get back to you on that exact date.

...for Mom ... because there would not be 500 posts here without her love and support.


terri earl brooks said...

thank you
Regina, this post will give Mom strength on her current journey.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Congrats on 500!!

mmmmm PB pie!!! Yummmmmy!!!

Michelle said...

I'm thinking positive thoughts on a full recovery for your mom. I didn't know.

Mmmm..that peanut butter pie sure looks good! I looked for a link to buy the cookbook. Do they have one?
Be blessed,

Karen said...

For Grandma!

Joan Hawley said...

Regina, you had me at peanut butter! What a lovely and thoughtful giveaway. My best to your mom and congrats on your 500th post.

Higgins Design Studio said...

I'll print the post for Mom... and hope to be able to make the PB Pie for Dad!
Love you!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I posted links on my blog...http://jillquilts.blogspot.com/2010/06/giveaway.html

Woo hoo!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, a real PB Pie recipe? Mmmmm, I'd love to have that! I too am a supporter of the ACS b/c my dad is a prostate cancer survivor. Prayers to your mom as she continues through her chemo.

free indeed said...

Wishing your mom comfort and a speedy recovery. Seems everyone has been touched by cancer in their families.
Congrats on 500!
freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

TZel said...

My mom finished up her treatment about a year ago, and now she is doing very well. I hope you the best!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Okay Regina I'm with ya!! I have posted, commented and even donated if my monthly allotments count?



Christine M said...

Congratulations on 500 posts. The peanut butter pie sounds very interesting. That's not something you usually find in Australia! Hope your mum's feeling better. Regards, Christine

EngrSandi said...

Best wishes to your Mom on her treatment. Congratulations to you on reaching the 500 post milestone!


Bev C said...

The best of wishes are going to your Mum and family. Love the idea of a cookbook. Happy days.