Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Birth Month Day 1

So Birth Month has begun! Happy February everyone! Don't forget to enter the Birth Month giveaway by the end of the day on February 11th!!!

The Munchkin got to open the first pocket last night - insisting on pulling over his step stool to reach it himself without any help. Since he is an "exceptional reader" (his words!) - I just wrote down on a slip of paper what his little Pocket Present was, and he pulled out the slip to read it. You can see that the pockets are not all that big, so most of the little gifties are done this way - or through cutting out little pictures of the object.

The Munchkin has really taken his "gifting" responsibilities seriously, and worked with me to make up a whole list of what Daddy will find in his pockets. He very carefully wrote them out on paper, cut them all out, and has them all carefully folded up in the right pockets. (although Mommy had to move them around a bit to make sure the weekday appropriate items showed up on a weekday, and the ones better saved for a weekend were in the right spots).

But the honor of being 1st went to the Munchkin - and he found a little car to add to his Thomas the Tank Engine Take Along play sets. It was very fitting timing - since the buildings, track, and all the engines and other machines had pretty much taken over the living room over the past few days.

And tonight is Mommy's night to pull. I wonder what the boys will have come up with????

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

Very cool!!! I can't wait to see what the boys came up with for you!