Friday, February 12, 2010

And the winner is....

...well, before we get to that - let me tell you what our winner will be receiving.

In honor of "birth month" - and in order to better celebrate birthdays in their own home, our winner will receive a birthday candle basket and a birthday cupcake pillowcase.

To better keep track of birthdays - or other important little things -a little pocket journal is included.

And - in honor of President's Day & Abraham Lincoln (Happy Birthday Abe), I've made a little pouch out of presidential portrait fabric.

...and now on to our announcement.

After some super scientific calculations, and some assigning of numbers to comment leavers, followers and blog post writers - I went to the kind folks at and asked them for the magic number...

It was 65...

And after adding the 2 and carrying the one and subtracting the square root of 27... it gave me our winner...

GTM - known in our Tran-Quilt-Ity group as greentechmama - or Ephi.

Ephi does not have a blog (yet?) but I've seen picture of some of her beautiful quilt work.

Congratulations Ephi - I will try to get the package out to you this weekend.

Thanks everyone for celebrating with us during Birth Month! We are having great fun!

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quiltin cntrygrl said...

Glad you had fun enjoy the rest of your month!!