Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday - The Phoenix Mystery Quilt

As you recall, a few months back I was making this when this happened.

At the time I did not go into much detail about the issue, but basically some initial cutting measurements were wrong in the copy of the directions I had downloaded, and none of my blocks were able to be used.

Or I should say, none of my blocks were able to be used in THAT project.

Never fear though -the Phoenix is rising from the ashes as I re purpose those blocks into something new - and something all my own.

In the spirit of sharing - and a bit of fun - I thought I would bring you all along for the ride and create a little "mystery quilt" project. Please bear with me -I have not done this before and am creating this as we go along.

This is a scrappy quilt - I will attempt to give you yardages on the borders and bindings and backings when we get to that point, but for now be ready to raid your scrap bin.

So today is step one - fabric choice and cutting.
(I am giving the directions in the colors I used - feel free to substitute as you like.)

Materials for blocks:
1-1/4 yards mottled blue (blocks) - cut into 72@4.5" squares (this all needs to be from the same fabric)
2-3/4 yards total assorted tan, brown, white, and light blue prints (blocks) cut into 432@2" squares.

Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances.

Stay tuned for Step 2 - when the sewing will commence.


Jen said...

Ohhhh, scrappy...has me scared...

Jill said...

news posted at my blog :-)